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In order to keep time while playing have to get a timer device.
Smilarly,to keep the scores,you either get a scorecard or keep them manually.
These solutions require both effort and money.

UG Timer is a free backgammon timer and scoreboard app
which you can use in any device you want.
In this way, you don't have to get a timer device and scorecard seperately.
Your samrtphone,your tablet or your computer is also your timer!
UG Timer is extremely practical and user-friendly and it is completely free!
With UG Timer.Your timer is in your hand
How to use UG Timer?
UG Timer Interface
1 Enter your names that will appear on the scoreboard
2 Enter or click on the the score up to which you want to play.
3 Enter or click on the total time in minutes for each player
4 Enter or click on the delay time in seconds for each player
5 Return to the match you're currenrly playing.When entered to the app first time,this buton is passive
6 Start a new match with the settings you just made.
7 Scoreboard: Thanks to the minimalist scoreboard of DG Timer, you can see player names, current scores and match length without having a material scorecard!
8 Timers: Timers both show the time you have and serve as buttons. When your move is over, simply press on the timer button on your side!
9 Pause: To update the scores, to start a new game or a completely new match, or just to rest, you can pause the game.
10 Update scores: You can update the scores after pausing the game and clicking on these little plus and minus buttons.
11 New Match: If you want to start a new match with new settings, this button sends you to the parameters page.
12 New Game: If you want to reset the timers and the scores with the same settings and start only a new game, this button is for you!
13 Resume: Want to continue your game? Move on!
Open UG Timer and start playing right now
Download UG Timer on your phone:
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