Open Team Match, create your torunament and play right now

Imagine that you are an expert backgammon player, and playing against a rookie.
Dice are at your opponent’s side.

A couple of consecutive lucky rolls for your opponent condemned
you to this frustrating situation.

At this point, the probability that your opponent wins this
game is 91.6 % and 82.4 % of these wins are gammon.
Your expertise probably will not help you.

Even if you are an expert
against a rookie.

if dice are
at your opponent's side

your defeat is

Team Match system uses
duplicated dice pairs
to increase the importance of players’
skills rather than the rolled dice pairs.

In Team Match, instead of single players,
teams of two players
challenge each other with
identical dice pairs.

Instead of counting on the
individual scores, the total
performance of the teams
determine the result of the match.
What is Team Match?
Each of the Red team players plays against his/her opponent in the Blue team in different tables.
In each table, there is a backgammon board and a smart device with Team Match application.
Each team rolls subsequently, and the rolled dice is played in each table by opponent teams.
For example, when the Red Player 1 rolls 3-1 at the first table,
this dice pair is duplicated and played by the Blue Player 1 in in the second table as well.
Rolling dice will no more get in the way of your victory
Your opponent rolls a joker,so does your teammate!
May the better team win!
How to use Team Match?
UG Timer Interface
1 Scoreboard: The lean and elegant scoreboard of Team Match shows player names, team names, current scores and match length.

2 Roll buttons: If it is your turn, you can click on this button to roll. The dice outcome will immediately appear.

3 Timers: Timers are both demonstrative and functional: They both show the time you have and serve as buttons. When your move is over, press on the button on your side!

4 Doubling cube: When it is your turn and you want to double the steak, you can click on this button.

5 Pause: If you want to update the scores, start a new game or to have a break, you can pause the game.

Assume that Blue Player 1 taps on the Roll button, the dice outcome will immediately apper on the screen as can be seen on the left. She is a lucky one!

Assume that Blue Player 1 taps on the Doubling cube (4) before rolling dice. This time, the cube will ask the Red Player 1 to Take or Pass?
The cube is being enabled and disabled according to the match-score and the Crawford rule.

Assume that Red Player 1 takes the cube after the Blue Player 1 wants to double the steak. In this case, the doubling cube relocates closer to the Red Player 1’s side of the screen.
7 The cube is being enabled and disabled according to the match-score and the Crawford rule.
8 Update scores: You can update the scores after pausing the game and clicking on these little plus (+) and minus (-) buttons.
9 Full Screen: While playing on your device, if you want to pass to full screen mode easily, you can use this button.
10 New Game: If you want to reset the delays and the dice pairs to start a new game within the same match, this is your button!
11 Play:Continue to play where you left!
Open Team Match, create your torunament and play right now
Cheers to all eagles..