About University of Gammon (UG)
University of Gammon (UG) is a team of backgammon-enthusiasts dedicated to boost the interest in backgammon worldwide and help the players to become future world-champions. To this end, we provide various backgammon solutions such as educational documents, software programs and projects that address the needs of all backgammon players from newcomers to the champions.
Our logo was carefully crafted to represent our team's structure and goals. In order to underline the instructive and ambitious aspects of a university, we built an ancient edifice using points of a backgammon board as pillars. The pillars are then colored in accordance with the colors of ancient artifacts. Our name (UG) and die instances are inscribed on the front. One of the most effective primes is also set on the pillars with white checkers.
Our first project is Team Match, a backgammon solution to minimize the importance of luck-factor in the game. In Team Match, instead of single players' challenging each other, teams of two players challenge each other.
Our new projects are on the way. Stay tuned!
If you would like to, you can easily contribute to UG and support our current and future projects by clicking on Contribute to UG button above.
Cheers to all eagles..